About a Ginger Head Man

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up around technology and computers and hippies and snobs. I could usually be found in front of a TV watching inappropriate movies and TV for my age, or out with friends playing games that required lots of imagination and a total lack of coolness.
Spent my high school years in North Texas where I discovered  boredom and  3D Animation and my love of storytelling.
I went back to SF to study Animation at the Academy of Art University, where I procured my BFA and my pretentious art-school-student demeanor.
After college I started my freelance career as a Motion Designer, because -- according to the CIA -- I don't have the right skills for International Espionage :'(
While freelancing, I started a motion graphics business with two other fellows. We ran it for three years before calling it quits. Made lots of projects, spreadsheets, cups of tea, mistakes, and I am wiser and better and a little jaded for it. 
Moved to fabulous NYC to delve more into commercial and film gigs, and to experience seasons. Seasons are dope, guys.
I have worked in almost every facet of the film production pipeline as well as the commercial and animation fields. From grip & electric, stop-motion set building, traditional and 3D animation and 2D and 3D motion graphics, I've done just about all of it. 
On top of that I have many hobbies and interests .
I'm priming myself to be a competent writer and/or director - one that knows what all the jobs require.
Wish me luck.